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Want to store samples successfully? Ensure the seal integrity of your tube [PDF] https://t.co/m1ZzauxHVT #valuetrust https://t.co/Zd8zqGCTU1-15 min 48 sec ago
On Demand Webinar: https://t.co/JUAzHxCvDo Learn about the effective tools for CRISPR-Cas9 protein delivery. https://t.co/y2x8SWAjel-46 min 41 sec ago
Leak-free design—minimize the number of failed gels, waste less time. https://t.co/WzmbZZXeLZ https://t.co/Y2H3HpCSzn-1 hour 46 min ago
Explore the complexities & challenges of #cancer stem cells with Dr. Jordi Petriz. https://t.co/lGeXF9JZyE 6/7/16 https://t.co/cVHIu6YOvK-18 hours 46 min ago
Can you label the missing PCR components? Not sure? Attend this upcoming WEBINAR: https://t.co/3w7IgIyO8X https://t.co/iByXW6dngj-19 hours 24 min ago