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  • 4/14/14 8:03 am EDT

    Broad flow range, ergonomic, compact design easily integrates into space-constrained applications

    BARRINGTON, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A new peristaltic pump enables researchers working in bioprocessing environments to achieve the precision and reliability needed to improve their processes. The Thermo Scientific Miniflex peristaltic pump delivers an expanded flow range of up to 370 mL per minute, allowing researchers to effectively dispense low- and high-volume fluids with repeatability and accuracy on a scale previously not offered by pumps of equivalent sizemore...
  • 4/7/14 8:27 am EDT
    SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A new high-content screening software platform enables cancer researchers to uncover more about basic and advanced cellular function to accelerate cell-based research. The Thermo Scientific HCS Studio 2.0 is a high-content quantitative imaging and analysis software platform for a range of cancer research applications, including angiogenesis and migration/invasion, as well as the development of three-dimensional models of cancer stem cells andmore...
  • 3/26/14 11:47 am EDT

    Thermo Fisher Scientific Center for Multiplexed Proteomics at Harvard Medical School Established to Expedite Understanding of Complex Disease Mechanisms

    BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Scientists working to discover protein-based biomedical breakthroughs are constrained by the time and cost required to identify and quantify large numbers of proteins. Thermo Fisher Scientific and researchers at Harvard Medical School have teamed up to develop promising new ways to perform protein quantitation on a much larger scale than currently possible, with the goal of accelerating discovery of effective therapies. The twomore...
  • 3/21/14 9:52 am EDT
    Instrument manufacturers, as well as QA/QC managers in pharmaceutical and electronics manufacturing have a new tool at their disposal: a new series of dry reference beads designed for calibrating airborne particle counters (APC) that need to comply with ISO 21501-4 regulations.To accomplish this, the Thermo Scientific 4D Series Duke Standards beads feature a calibration uncertainty – the range of values within which the actual mean diameter will lie – that is less than or equal to 2.5% of themore...
  • 3/18/14 5:24 pm EDT
    West Coast processors will now have improved access to local, rapid response, of

    X-ray and metal detectors provide rapid food, beverage and pharmaceutical product evaluation

    West Coast processors will now have improved access to local, rapid response, off-site product inspection and anomaly screening. A new Thermo Fisher Scientific facility in Sunnyvale, Calif., is now available to assist in addressing food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers’ safety and quality concerns.Product Assurance Services and Solutions (PASS) from Thermo Fisher offers rapid response for companies requiring off-site packaged product evaluation to address possible foreign objectmore...
  • 3/18/14 9:00 am EDT

    Lightweight dual PID/FID analyzer incorporates GPS, Bluetooth and internal data storage

    FRANKLIN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Compliance contractors and leak detection and repair (LDAR) professionals responsible for leak detection at processing plants, industrial facilities and hazardous waste sites can now benefit from a new, portable, intrinsically safe toxic vapor analyzer that provides both flame ionization (FID) and photo ionization detection (PID) of organic and inorganic compounds. The Thermo Scientific TVA2020 Toxic Vapor Analyzer is the successor tomore...
  • 3/18/14 7:32 am EDT

    Ready-to-run system combines powerful centrifuge and 10 liter carbon fiber rotor for exceptional productivity in pharmaceutical, biotech and academic communities

    NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A new high-performance centrifuge system, featuring a high-capacity carbon fiber rotor, accelerates bioprocessing with higher volumes to reduce cycle times. Designed to improve productivity and ensure sample safety and integrity, the new Thermo Scientific Sorvall RC BIOS 10 large capacity centrifuge system is ideal for a range of cell culture and bioprocessing applications. Thermo Fisher Scientific will showcase these new solutions duringmore...
  • 3/18/14 7:30 am EDT

    New high-volume centrifugation system and single-use controllers for next-generation bioreactor

    NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, today introduced new innovations in cell culture and bioprocessing technologies to address the evolving requirements of biologic drug discovery and production for global biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturers. These advancements, including a new high-volume centrifugation system and controller platforms for its next-generation single-use bioreactor, will be showcasedmore...
  • 3/18/14 7:30 am EDT
    NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A new family of single-use bioreactor controller platforms from technology collaborator Applikon Biotechnology provide the versatility and performance required for both highly configurable cGMP and cost-effective research biopharmaceutical applications. Thermo Fisher Scientific will showcase the new bioreactor controllers during INTERPHEX 2014, Jacob Javitz Convention Center, New York City, March 18-20, 2014, Booth #3544. Themore...
  • 3/18/14 7:30 am EDT
    NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--New bioreactor controllers for use with Thermo Scientific single-use systems, developed with technology integration collaborator Finesse, offer biopharmaceutical companies the choice, performance and flexibility required for a wide range of research and manufacturing applications. Thermo Fisher Scientific will showcase the new bioreactor controllers during INTERPHEX 2014, Jacob Javitz Convention Center, New York City, March 18-20, 2014, Booth #more...

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